About us

The «Research and practice association Medlad» was registered on November 15, 1991. The organization was primarily conceived as a health-improving one, according to this during the first months of its existence two recreational complexes with fitness centers, hyperbaric chambers, spas, physical therapy, phyto-bars were designed, built and put into operation. Trade activities were being developed in parallel.

The concept of the company was being created, which was the main criterion of quality and safety of all medicines and medical equipment, being the components of company’s assortment. Of course, it is difficult for a provincial company to compete with metropolitan companies, which present at the Astrakhan market.

However, in many ways “Medlad” isn’t second to none, and it is about medical materials, instruments, and reagents.

Outlet net is constantly growing. Today, the company has more than 2000 partners – customers. These are mainly hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, hostels, pharmacies of the city of Astrakhan and district health facilities of Russian Federation, almost all the subordinated authorities of Ministry of Healthcare, social development, education and the labor of central and southern regions.

The rapid development and growth of the pharmaceutical market on the one hand and reinforcement of competition on the other hand, require not only the extraordinary efforts of managers, but also implementation of new approaches to solving problems facing the company. So today, specialists of the Research and practice association “Medlad” constantly do research pharmaceutical market, develop technologies of products promotion, realize collection, analysis and dissemination of professional information, plan sales and execution of all marketing activities related to market launch and promotion of new titles. As a result, a solid distribution network may allow the company to realize any pharmaceutical product in the territory of Russian Federation.

Each year the system of customer service is improving, quality and speed of processing and order fulfillment are increasing. Delivery service works clearly and quickly. So far, company fleet allows realizing customer-consumer orders on time, providing shipment of goods of any shape and volume in the shortest possible time.

Due to the difficult financial situation of many regional hospitals, workers of “Medlad” are guided by the credit system of cooperation. A long-term interest-free loan is opened for all health care institutions in the region. The latter does not prevent the Company “Medlad” to continue increasing of its turnover.

Employees of “Medlad” give the important role in their work to charity and extension of humanitarian aid to health-care, preschool, specialized children’s institutions and charities. Regularly help of the firm receives to school institutions of the city. In association of funds in one of the Astrakhan training institutions balneary has been built (showers – Charcot, circular, upward, flying-off; two bathroom halls).

The activity of “Medlad” has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Astrakhan region, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, social organizations at various levels.

Today, “Medlad” successfully fits into the context of the national project “Healthcare”. In September 2006 at the All-Russian Business Forum held in Moscow on “National Priorities and social projects. Partnership of government and business,” one of the projects of the company has received a high rating!

In the end of 2006, at the bar of members of the Russian-German conference on the problems of trade and economic cooperation, which was held at the Academy of Sciences of Russia, was presented another interesting project that attracted the attention of German colleagues. The first contracts were signed.

For achieving high production results and stable operation under conditions of economy transition on market principles of economic management, the staff of “Medlad” was awarded with an honorary diploma “Leader of the Russian economy.

And General Director Nikolai Anatolyevich Boldyrev was awarded with Order “The leader of the Russian economy.

In the future, the company “Medlad” plans to deal not only with increasing of trading volume but also with its own production. According to the opinion of the head of the company, it is more stable and favorable prospect for the region. Again, the main measure will be quality. “Because the quality of our products has always been more important than short-term profit.” – Nikolai Boldyrev and all the staff of the «Research and practice association “Medlad» hold this position until the present time.