1. Price-list: Pharmaceutical products (drugs effecting central nervous system, cardiovascular medicines, diuretics, nonsteroid analgesics, gastrointestinal medications, drugs for treatment bronchopulmonary diseases antiallergic, immunomodulatory, urological, antimicrobial, antineoplastic , metabolic agents, vitamins ; hormonal drugs, enzymes and antienzymes , immunobiological drugs.
  2. General price-list (dispensable items for medical use : syringes, systems, medical dressing materials, catheters , blood bags, drawsheets, examination gloves , surgical gloves, adhesive plasters, rubber medical goods, collagenous products etc.)
  3. Price-list: General surgery, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, gynecology, urology (dissectors, clamps, probes, scissors, forceps, specula, surgical needles, pincers etc.)
  4. Price-list: Surgical suture material (absorbable and non-absorbable suture , atraumatic suture, Ethikon suture : PDSII, catgut, nylon, silk, polyethylene terephthalate, PGA, Kaproag, polypropylene, ethilon, vicryl etc.)
  5. Price-list:SIMS PORTEX products( endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy sets and tubes, tracheostomy tubes “ULTRA”, anaesthetic systems, catheters, probes, intravenous systems, urological accessories, drainage systems, intubation instruments etc. )
  6. Price-list: Reagents for clinical biochemistry (sets of instruments for diagnosis, calibrators , tests for sterilization control, test strips , reagents for coagulation analysis, immunological diagnostics , medium dies etc.)
  7. Price-list: Laboratory equipment and laboratory dishes (tubes, capillary tubes, cylinders, droppers, funnels, sand glasses, titer plates, stands, pipettes, flasks , Labsystems pipettors, beakers, Petri dishes(plastic and glass) etc.)
  8. Price-list: X-ray  equipment  (X-ray tubes, X-ray apparatus, X-ray protective goods, reagents etc.)
  9. Price-list: X-ray film (Kodak orthochromatic film, Retina XBE/XBM film, Kodak MXB film , fluorographic film, reagents, dental film, cassettes)
  10. Price-list: ECG paper (roll-fed and folding chart strips for medical use)
  11. Price-list: Desinfectants and detergents (desinfectants and detergents used in healthcare centres)
  12. Price-list: Dentistry (therapy, dental materials, orthopaedics, filling and preparation materials , fixing materials, tools and dental materials from the leading companies of USA, Japan etc.)
  13. Price-list: Personal protective equipment (gas masks, masks, respirators, respiratory apparatus, protective equipment for head, skin, face and eyes, protective clothing, fire-fighting equipment, signs, information stands)
  14. Price-list:  Medical furniture (bed cabinets, wardrobes, beds, tables, nursing units etc.)
  15. Price-list: Hospital linen (a)  Bedclothes : bedsheets, bedcovers, pillow cases,  towels, mattresses, pillows, blankets, blanket covers (b) Clothing: doctor’s gowns, overalls, children’s wear, gloves, work clothes, clothing set (men’s/women’s ) (underpants+nightgown), shirts (men’s/women’s ), trouses  (men’s/women’s ), sports suits (men’s/women’s ), pyjamas, dressing gowns, jackets (men’s/women’s ), singlets, socks, gloves, mittens,  kerchiefs, caps, high boots (men’s/women’s ) etc.
  16. Price-list: Kitchen utensils and household equipment (crockery ware: plates, salad- dishes, cups, mugs, teapots; aluminum ware: forks, spoons, cooking pots, frying pans; stainless steel ware: cooking pots, frying pans, kettles, spoons, cutlery; enameled ware : tanks, buckets, collanders, cooking pots, scoops, mugs, bowls, trays, coffee pots, teapots. Plastic articles: buckets, hangers, ironing boards, baskets, mugs, bowls, seats, dust pans, washbowls as well as knives, roasters, vases etc.)
  17. Price-list:  Moulages (bas-relief models of human organs , electrified models of  human organs, dynamic guides and models for them, plastic bones  of human skeleton, models for dentistry, obstetrics, botanics, anatomy and zoology. Phantom training devices for pneumocardial and encephalic resuscitation,   urinary catheterization,  intravenous and intramuscular injections, clysterizing, vaginal examinations etc.)
  18. Price-list: Medical equipment and supplies (burn recovery beds, cardiological and intensive care equipment, heart monitors, electrosurgical machines, monopolar electrodes, bipolar electrodes,  electrode holders, cabeles, staplers, sets based on electrosurgical machines, videoendosurgical complex for laporoscopic surgery, endoscopic , physiotherapeutic equipment, operating lamps, bactericidal irradiators and lamps, multichannel electrocardiographs,  glassware dryers and incubators, steam autoclaves, sets of surgical instruments, otorhinolaryngological,ophthalmological instruments, microscopes, endoscopes  and many other)
  19. Repair of medical equipment:  (License № ФС -99-04-003175 dated   10.11.2015 .) 
    •  Installation and setup ;
    •  Supervision over technical condition;
    • Routine and  on-line maintenance; Repair.
  20. Maintenance of ionizing radiation sources (generating). (License № 30.АЦ.02.002.Л.000001.05.16 dated 23.05.2016 ) Radiation sources used: medical X-ray apparatus.

For purchasing and price issues of the products, please contact our managers.

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