Our partners

From the date of MEDLAD” LLC, Research and practice association establishment, the specialists of the company started to form up a supply chain that includes today over 300 Russian companies and representations of foreign firms producing medical equipment and pharmaceutical products that established themselves as the goods of the best choice at the pharmaceutical market of the country , including:

  • LLC Minimed

  • LLC Sterin

  • LLC Agat-Med

  • LLC Rusmedupak

  • CJSC Analitika

  • LLC Ammon

  • LLC Vital Development Corporation

  • LLC Olveks Diagnosticum

  • CJSC Ekolab

  • LLC Emelyan Savostin Cotton Wool Factory

  • JSC Lachema International

  • LLC Medcomplex A.B.K.

  • And many others

MEDLAD” LLC, is distributor of companies:
JSC “A/O Unimed”
LLC “Spetssintez”
JSC Elatomsky Instrument Plant
LLC Concern “Axion”

Every year increases the number of direct contracts for supply of medicinal products and medical equipment, which in turn makes it possible to offer customers a much larger range of items from the manufacturer with a 100% guarantee of quality and low enough price.